The contributions of many artists are collected here, including the jurored entries from our annual Horseshoe Crabs & the Arts Competition.

If you would like to contribute to our growing collection of work, please contact Glenn Gauvry.

Our Competition Winners

Our annual Horseshoe Crabs & the Arts competition receives entries from grades pre-K-12. The selected entries include paintings, drawings, and horseshoe crab poems from talented students all over the world. View the most recent year's winners!

Makin' Music ~ Rockin' Rhythms®
the Just flip em! Horseshoe Crab Song

Listen to the Horseshoe Crab Song written by the folks at Makin' Music... NEW!

Artworks of Horseshoe Crabs by Takeshi Yamada

Takeshi Yamada has participated in over 300 fine art exhibits in galleries and museums around the world. He started a series of artworks inspired by horseshoe crabs after his first visit in 2001 to Coney Island in New York.

Turned around and flipped over: Feature Article by Saren Starbridge

Saren Starbridge lives in Brisbane, Australia, where she is a passionate environmental advocate and writer. She had no idea there were any wild places left on America's east coast and was completely enthralled by the beaches, the reserves and, of course, the horseshoe crabs.

Sumi-e Paintings: Lillian Rippa

Lillian Rippa’s oriental freestyle painting has been nationally and internationally exhibited in galleries and has won numerous awards in juried shows. Her paintings of the horseshoe crab also grace the notecards in our Company Store.

Photography: Frans Lanting

Frans Lanting, hailed as one of the great nature photographers of our time, portrays wild creatures as ambassadors for the preservation of complete ecosystems. His beautiful photographs of the horseshoe crab capture this amazing creature within its environment.

Photography: National Aquarium, Baltimore

If you've never seen horseshoe crabs in spawning season, these photographs from the National Aquarium will provide a closer look at the activity on the beaches.