"The common occurrence of stranded horseshoe crabs during breeding season spurred the Just flip ‘em!™ program on Delaware beaches; beyond this being a ‘humane’ action, the Botton & Loveland (1989) study provides the rationale."

- Dr. Carl N. Shuster, Jr., 1999

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Watch our Just flip ‘em!™ video and listen to our theme song.

Just flip 'em!™ is a trademark of ERDG.

Just flip 'em!™ Program

Our Just flip 'em!™ program is designed to bring attention to the hundreds of thousands of horseshoe crabs (Limulus polyphemus) who die each year from stranding (stuck upside down) during their yearly spawning ritual and to encourage individuals, through a simple act of compassion, to take the time to assist and appreciate these remarkable creatures, who will not survive public indifference.

The idea is simple: when you see a horseshoe crab that is stranded upside down on the beach, just flip them over. It's important not to flip them by their tail, however. Even though it looks scary, the tail is very delicate and can be easily damaged. The best way to turn them over is by the edge of their shell. No need to be cautious; the horseshoe crab doesn't bite or sting and it's claws are very gentle and won't hurt you.

Watch our Just flip ‘em!™ video and listen to our theme song.

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