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Artist Name:
Takeshi Yamada

Telson Dipping Pen (Warrior's Dipping Pen) excavated from the ruin of Palace of Ocean in Coney Island, artifact #20030525-5

Telson of the adult horseshoe crab, feathers of sea gulls, beads, string, glue, acrylic

13" x 7" x 1"

Completion Date:
May 25, 2003

Comments: Takeshi Yamada saw Visions of Telson Dipping Pen and Telson Paint Brushes at the beaches when he attended the annual horseshoe crab count lead by ERDG in Delaware in 2002. He produced his first Telson Dipping Pen on August 1, 2002. Beads were added for the better balance of the Telson, as well as for decorative purposes. Sea Gull's feathers were added at the end for wiping off the eraser crams from the drawing paper.

Spiritually speaking, substances from all the three worlds of Water (Telson), Land (beads), and Air (feathers) were fully utilized to produce this functional, yet beautiful and magical fetish ritual object. Yamada uses this Telson dipping Pen almost everyday, and produced over 100 drawings of horseshoe crabs with it since 2002.