International Symposium on the
Science and Conservation of Horseshoe Crabs – 2007

Program Structure Approximately 200 scientists, conservationists, resource managers, policymakers, students, and educators from around the world interested in the biology and conservation of this unique and important animal. Members of the Planning Committee include scientists from the U.S., Japan, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Mexico. The symposium will be an ideal venue in which to cultivate new collaborative research and conservation activities engaging scientists, conservationists, and outreach professionals from the U.S. with their colleagues from other nations.

Planning Committee

Dr. John Tanacredi, Co-chair
Dowling College, USA

Dr. David Smith, Co-chair
U.S. Geological Survey, USA

Dr. Jim Berkson
NOAA Fisheries, USA

Dr. Mark Botton
Fordham University, USA

Dr. H. Jane Brockmann
University of Florida, USA

Dr. Ruth Carmichael
University of Maine, USA

Dr. Anil Chatterji
National Institute of Oceanography, INDIA

Dr. Chang-Po Chen
Academia Sinica, TAIWAN

Dr. Annie Christianus
University of Putra Malaysia, MALAYSIA

Mr. Glenn Gauvry
Ecological Research and Development Group (ERDG), USA

Dr. Tomio Itow
Shizuoka University, JAPAN

Dr. Jack Levin
University of California-San Francisco, USA

Dr. Mike Millard
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, USA

Mr. Mike Oates
Anew Inc., USA

Dr. Martin Schreibman
Brooklyn College, USA

Dr. Carl N. Shuster, Jr.
Virginia Institute of Marine Science, USA

Dr. Jamie Zaldivar Rae
Universidad Nacional Autonoma, MEXICO