International Symposium on the
Science and Conservation of Horseshoe Crabs – 2007

Program Structure

Time Session Topic Chair
Mon. 6/11, AM Keynote and Plenary Speakers John Tanacredi
Mon. 6/11, PM
Current Status and Assessment Anil Chatterji
Mike Millard
Dave Smith
Tues. 6/12, AM/PM Biology, Ecology, and Multi-species Interactions Mark Botton
Jane Brockmann
Jaime Zaldivar Rae
Tues. 6/12, AM/PM Contributed Poster Presentations Martin Schreibman
Tues. 6/12, PM Culture and Captive Breeding Ruth Carmichael
Tomio Itow
Wed. 6/13, AM Habitat Requirements, Threats, and Conservation Chang-Po Chen
Carl Shuster
Wed. 6/13, AM/PM Contributed Poster Presentations Martin Schreibman
Wed. 6/13 PM Human Uses: Traditional and Biomedical Anil Chatterji
Anne Christianus
Jack Levin
Thurs. 6/14 AM Conservation Management Jim Berkson
Thurs. 6/14 AM/PM Public Awareness and Community-based Conservation Glenn Gauvry
Mike Oates